Women groups demonstrate against Gvt

Various women groups in Malawi have threatened to take legal action against Tonse government if not reverse decision of not fufiling 40/60 presentation in decision making position.

Wolrec and Young feminist network have echoed the sentments during demonstrations in Blantyre  on wensday 9 October, against president Chakwera for not selecting more women into various positions.

Speaking to helplinemw.com at the demonstrations in Blantyre, one of the organisers Magie kathewera Banda said women groups have been meeting Dr Chakwera both as leader of opposition in 2019 and as state president in 2020, on the need to appoint more women into various decision making positions but this is not the case now.

Banda said Tonse government and the president are now violenting the rule of law and  breaking their promises.

” We will to take the matter to court if the president do not consider our grievances, since the issue is about violation of laws”. She stressed.

In her remarks  Ulemu Hanna Kanyongolo representating Feminist Network said women do not need to wait for years to be given positions as others are argueing.

Kanyongolo also agrees with Banda on the need to take the case to courts since the leadership is adamant to listen to their concerns.

Commenting on the low turn out of women in Blantyre, Kathewera Banda attribute this to the fact that previous demos were characterised by violence hence women were afraid to show up in large numbers.
Banda however commended men for joining the demonstrations in Blantyre.

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