WAFA builds 25 million kwacha funeral parlour for Muslims

World Association Friends of Africa WAFA has been commended for building state of the art funeral parlour for Muslims in Zomba.

According to Executive director for WAFA Altaf Gani, the facility which costed 25 million kwacha is expected to carter for Muslim funeral services for Muslims around zomba district and those from southern and eastern region respectively.

Gani said the decision to build after noting challenges that Muslims face in times of funerals inn their respected areas.
“After consultations with some sheikh’s here in zomba, the challenges muslims faced when funeral occur gave me an idea to construct this parlour”,Gani said.

He further said:” The services here will be free and four men and four women have been trained to assist people according to Islamic teachings during funeral”.

Speaking during the opening ceremony on Sunday 20 September 2020,guest of honor Muslim Association of Malawi chairperson Sheikh Idrissa Muhammad commended WAFA for building the facility which will be accessed for free to all Muslims.
Sheikh Muhamad further appealed to Muslims to always appreciate the huge contribution to the Islamic development that Muslims of Asian origin do to Malawi.
On this note the MAM chair advised Muslims to engage themselves in charitable works and pay zakah for those who can manage so that they prosper in this life and the hereafter.

“I am urging WAFA and other organizations to build the same facility in all the region of Malawi”, said MAM chairperson.
World Association Friends of Africa also runs school and Madrasaah for young Muslim girls in zomba.

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