Suicide cases rise by 57% in Malawi-Police

Malawi has in two years (2019/2020)recorded the highest number of suicide cases, Malawi police Service says.

According to reports from Malawi police service, number of suicide cases has risen by 57 percent from 2019 to 2020.

A Psychiatric expert and A religious leader have attributed loss of hope and lack of peace of mind in problem solving as factors that are increasing suicide cases among people in Malawi.

Recently, social media has been awash with reports of suicide cases allegedly caused by economic, marriage or love relationship problems from various people in some parts of the country.

Commenting on this development, psychiatric officer at Zomba Mental hospital Harry Kawiya said a number of economic, and social problems trigger human beings to commit suicide.

A mental health expert Kawiya is of the view that increase in the suicide cases can best be dealt with if family and friends pay much attention to the behaviors of those who attempt to commit suicide.
“Above all these factors, loss of hope in dealing with problems push people to the extent of ending their own lives which he said is a sad development.

In a separate interview, Islamic Information Bureau coordinator, Sheikh Ahamad Chiyenda attributed the cause of suicide due to weak spiritual wellbeing among people.

Sheikh chiyenda said all religious institutions have obligation to give hope and peace of mind to people with different social and economic problems, adding society must also change their spiritual lives and believe in their creator to solve their problems rather than suicide.

On the other hand, Islamic point of view attributes those who commit suicide as not having strong spiritual wellbeing.
“Islam prohibits acts of suicide by all means, it is a great sin. Attepts to commit suicide is a sign that that person’s spiritual life is not good. One has to believe in Allah and seek solutions from Him”, sheikh Chiyenda advised.

Statistics from the Mamalawi Police Service indicate that from January to August 2019, 116 people committed suicide while in 2020,182 people took their own lives in the same period, representing 57percent increase.
According to deputy national police publicist Peter Kalaya, there is an increase in the number of suicide cases in Malawi.
Kalaya said: “Most cases involve marriage related issues between spouses”.

However, the deputy national police publicist is urging the general public to make use of victim support units to get advice and cancelling whenever they have problems such as marriage issues.

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