Suffering in Silence- Poem


By:Billiat Msoma

Suffering in silence

You call it justice
When I feel its abuse
You think you portray love,
When you are oppressing my right of choice.
You look down on me as a season,
Yet I am a main dish.

What’s wrong did I do?
Is it because I am at the other side of the sex?
Parading us on the streets,
In the name fighting for someone’s right in office
Whom I don’t know let alone seeing her.

My eyes urinate blood
When I see you driving,
Your children look at as a father
As I look at you as monster with canines in armpits of his legs
Ready to tear to my already spoiled journey.
No one to pull me up even if I raise my hand,
None to respond even when I call
Am not visible even when I stand on the hill.

I smile plastically coz Its my only way to keep on counting the mileage.
You think am stronger? No!!!!!! it’s just courage.
Yes, we are suffering in silence but I smiles just because it’s our art
When I turn against you, the world falls apart.
No tears oozing but going down into my heart
Better me I speak but millions like me are suffering in silence………
With teachers who rape
Doctors who defile
Father who beat
Mother who don’t listen
Police officers who are heartless
Society that is shameless
Laws that are biased
No escape in Sorbibor but suffering in silence



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  • November 14, 2020 at 8:50 am

    Thats a great pen artist


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