Police in the north have arrested 27 suspects as they continue to crackdown on perpetrators of crime and violence heightened by the unfounded “blood suckers” myth which has seen three people brutally murdered in the region.

According to northern region police public relations officer Peter Kalaya, the 27 suspects have been arrested from intelligence-driven police operations and rapid-response mechanism established to end the vice.

James Kadadzera (Malawi Police Public Relations Officer
James Kadadzera (Malawi Police Public Relations Officer

“It has been noted with concern that in the past two weeks, some individuals resorted to mob justice; blocking roads, attacking strangers and vandalising property of some business people, accusing them of either being blood suckers or harboring such people”, Kalaya said.

He said the police are still investigating rumors that there are blood suckers in the northern districts especially Chitipa and Mzimba though no one has come up with evidence.

” Investigations are underway on claims that there are blood suckers and the attacks on people suspected to be blood suckers, as well as vandalism and destruction of property. However, in our investigations, nobody has come up with concrete evidence that they have been sucked blood or that the attacked people were involved in the blood sucking business,” said the northern region police public relations officer.

He added that the police are intensifying the security as investigations and arrests continues.

” No one should take law into their hands and if  anyone found perpetrating  mob justice will be arrested and face the long arm of the law”,he earned.

Kalaya furthere said, police  has  ensured people’s safety during this period.

“We promise to provide security to everyone. This is why we have made the arrests. We are also patrolling all hotpots here in the north”, said Kalaya.

He therefore urged people to stop attacking others suspected to be blood as investigations and arrests continue.

The police further ask Malawians to report to their nearest police if anyone  suspected of being a blood sucker for proper investigations to be done.

“It  is wrong to spread false rumours on matters of security as they instill unfounded fears in peoples mind”, he said.

Kalaya said the  27 suspects have been remanded in various prisons across the region as they wait to appear before court  to answer various charges depending on the role they played and crimes they committed.

This development comes  after the Malawi police Service through its national public relations officer James Kadadzera issued press release on 22 March,2020 that there are still investigating the blood sucking issue and that nobody no victim came forward.

In 2017 and 2019  blood sucking allegations were reported in the southern region and nobody was medically proven to have fallen victim.

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