NICE Trust asks government to be inclusive on COVID-19 fight

National Initiative for Civic Education (NICE) has asked Government to be inclusive in handling issues concerning Coronavirus  for the country to win the fight against the Pandemic.

NICE Trust Executive Director, Ollen Mwalubwunju said this at a meeting between his organisation and the Social and Community Welfare committee of Parliament on the COVID-19 Preparedness and awareness, held in Lilongwe.

OLLEN MWALWUBUNJU - Nice Trust Executive Director
OLLEN MWALWUBUNJU – Nice Trust Executive Director

He said the COVID19 Preparedness and response plan should not be government centered and a monopoly but the resources should also reach Non governmental Organizations so that everyone can play their role in fighting  the pandemic.

Commenting on lockdown, Mwalubwunju said it  needs alot of discussion because alot of people in the country depend  on daily business activities to raise money for survival.

“Government needs to discuss  with different stakeholders first  to get different ideas if the lockdown is to take place or not. In  the end they make sure the poor do not die of hunger if lockdown  is to be implemented,”said Mwalubwunju.

He added,”there is also need to avoid politicizing the Pandemic. Opposition political parties and government should put their political differences aside and work together”.

In his remarks, chairperson of the Committee, Savel Kafafa, said they decided to engage NICE Trust to find out from them why they have been inactive on Covid-19  and Elections  awareness campaigns to Malawians as they always do.

He said now that they know that  the organisation lacks money to conduct awareness, they will talk to the Cabinet Committee on Coronavirus to fund NICE Trust so that they sensitize the nation on the Pandemic.

“We will talk to the Cabinet Committee on Coronavirus to fund this organisation from the money they are collecting on the preparedness and response  to Covid-19 so that NICE Trust can resume sentisation activities across the country”, Kafafa said.

Currently, Malawi has 23 Cases of COVID19, three deaths and three recoveries.

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