Muslim youths drilled on entrepreneurship

Muslim youths urged to effectively use their talents and commercialize through entrepreneurship.

This was said on Sunday 31 May 2020 in Blantyre during a one day training workshop on entrepreneurship that Muslim Artists Association organized.

Speaking to after the training, renowned Muslim entrepreneurs Marshal Dyton advised the Muslim youths in Malawi to change their mindset and use their talents and skills to start up business that can change their lives for better.

Dyton said the first step to success for Muslim youths is to self-realization and perfect branding to suit themselves with the current trend.

Marshal Dyton delivering motivational talk

He then encouraged the Muslim youths to embrace and use technology to sale their skills and talents while at the same time promoting Islam through dawah.

Dyton said: “ Even those who want to use talent and skills for business, they need commercialize it for them to survive and sustain their talents”.

Commenting, Muslim Artists Association president Noordeen Cassim said they organized the training as an eye opener for Muslim artists to realize their potential and activate their talents to be used as business.

Some of the participants

He said Muslims youths who are talented as poets and nasheed artists have to commercialize the skills to survive on their daily lives.

Cassim therefore called upon the Muslim community to welcome and support talented Muslim youths by buying their products and promoting them.




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