Muslim youth organisations encourage Muslims in the north

By: Tagamchira Meeklem Chiperesa.


Muslim youth organizations in the northern region of Malawi have encouraged fellow Muslim youth at Karonga central to propagate Islam.


The call was made when organizations from Dwangwa, Chitheche  and Nkhatabay visited Muslims in Karonga to encourage them about Islam.

In an interview with board of trustees for the organisations, Mussah Longwe said they thought of visiting their fellow youths In Karonga to encourage each other the remembrance of Allah.

He added that youths have to do good deeds while they are still strong because nowadays youths are in majority.

“As you can see, nowadays we have more youths which mean if a message is sent through the youths it can reach a wider range. Youths need to keep their faith. We need to follow the path and sunna of our prophet Muhammad (SAW) in everything we do,” he said.

Vice chairman for Karonga youth club at Karonga Masjid, Ali Kanonji said it was an honor to host the get together and youths from such a distance who visited them.

He added that meeting was really helpful.



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