Mmbelwa V stripes off Mahobe chieftency position for violating rights of a girl child

By: Aubrey Thom Vakhani.

In a move to protect rights of minor girls in his kingdom, Inkosi Ya Makhosi Mmbelwa V of Mombera Kingdom in Mzimba district on Monday, August 24, 2020 terminated the services of a 42 year-old Group Village Headman German (GVH) Mahobe for violating the rights of a girl child.

It has transpired that GHV Mahobe had married a 17 year old, contrary to kingdom’s ideals aimed at promoting the welfare of girls in our Kingdom.

“As a World Vision Ambassador on the promotion of education for the girl child and a true leader of my people, I have traditionally stripped Mahobe of his position to set a good example in society. Let us all unite in protecting our girl child,” said Mmbelwa.

According to the ngoni king, it has been learnt that the said GVH began his affair with the girl in 2017 when the girl was only 14.

Mzuzu based human rights activist, Mwayi Kumwenda applauded Mmbelwa V for the move.

“This is a good move from a traditional leader. Being a leader he had all the powers of shielding the chief in question. This is a good example to be emulated by other traditional leaders in the country,” said Kumwenda.

There were no immediate comments from Mahobe over the development.

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