Mangochi urged not to relax on COVID-19 precaution measures

The District Environmental Healthy Officer Kondwani Mamba has asked people in Mangochi to continue observe preventive measures on covid-19 pandemic for them  to be safe.

Mangochi district hospitalMamba said so far  there is zero case  in the district while 65 who were on Quarantine have all tested negative to corona virus.

He said: “We planned to have this meeting as a routine way base on the plan that we had as a district so that we engage media  to make sure we update each other on the  progress as  regarding to covid-19 control.

According to Mamba the citizens seem so relaxed and  have stopped observing social distancing.

“People should still maintain the temple that we had when we first  heard the rumours of the outbreak in the country so we need to observe the preventive measures as before”,he added.

He then encouraged the media to continue playing the role of educating and informing the masses that the pandemic is within the country therefore strong precaution measures have to be observed.

He further thanked all the partners in Covid-19 fight  such as Concern Worldwide Malawi, ICEDA just to mention a few for rendering their support to health departments in fighting against the pandemic.

Mamba also encouraged  other well wishers to continue supporting them in different ways so that the district has to maintain the safety measures.

Meanwhile district programmes manager for Concern Worldwide Malawi Akunsitu Kananji has said that they thought it wise to render their support as one way of protecting people in the district from getting effected from covid-19.

Kananji said their organization is one of humanitarian entity which responds to emergency and after seeing Mangochi as a hot-spot  that is why they jumped in quickly to give their support.

“We are providing financial support as well as supporting the DHO in all the activities so that we combat  covid-19 together and we have scaled down our normal activities so that we put much effort on the response to covid-19”, Kananji said.

She then promised to continue offering their support and asked people not to relax too much since the pandemic is real therefore they have to protect themselves.

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