Malawi Youths urged to denounce political violence

Centre for Human Rights and Rehabilitation (CHRR) in conjunction with Youth and Society (YAS) call on Malawian youths to denounce political violence in Malawi.

Violence and Conflict

In a statement signed by acting executive director for CHRR Michael Kaiyatsa and YAS director Charles Kajoloweka says they are alarmed at the barbaric attacks in political campaigns.

Kaiyatsa said: “Malawians especially the youths must condemn violence in strongest terms”.

He said politicians must focus on issue based campaign and stop using the youths in perpetrating violence.

Kaiyatsa further said political leaders must work together to combat political violence.

“Time has come for them to engage each other and collectively find suitable solutions to the horrible malpractice”, said Kaiyatsa.

CHRR and YAS then called upon all political parties to break the cycle of political violence and radicalizing the young people.


The political campaign ahead of the fresh presidential election has seen spurt of political violence including the burning of UTM vehicle in Balaka and its office in Lilongwe, vandalisation of NRB Registration equipment in Blantyre and the onslaught suffered by DPP regional governor  and some party officials as well as MBC journalists in Dowa, among others.

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