Light of Hope for Africa in a drive to help Mw Youths in RSA

Light of Hope for Africa (LIFAH) calls upon young Malawians going to South Africa, should have skilled labor and proper travel documents to curb challenges they face abroad.

LIFAH whose primary goal is to be active in research concerning factors associated with cross border movements has noted with great concern that Malawian young men who are facing challenges when they go to South Africa adding highest number of inmates at Lindera are Malawians.

According to Phinstard Ali Duwa, founder and director for Light of Hope for Africa, Malawians who travel using uncharted roads, without proper travel documents it their lives in danger as most of them are prone to xenophobic attacks and exploitations.

“Most Malawian young men are coming here in South Africa with hope to earn a living, but without professional skills and legal travel documents they are exploited and harassed. Some even end up being killed or in prison”, said Duwa
He said his organisation strives to encourage such kind of people to go home and use every possible skills they have to develop their own country-Malawi.

Duwa therefore has urged government of Malawi to put in place measures that will ensure Malawi is exporting skilled labor to South Africa.

Phinstard Ali Duwa founder and director for Light of Hope for Africa LIFAH
Base in South Africa, LIFAH also strives to harness the positive factors like cross border trade, Economic growth, cultural diversity.

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