Health authorities commend communities’ response on COVID-19 mitigation

Mangochi Health Authorities have commended communities for responding positively to the messages on  prevention of Covid-19.

Mangochi Chief Preventive Health Officer, Dr Kondwani Mamba made this remark on Friday 24 April 2020 during media briefing  on preventive measures that the DHO is doing amid  Corona Virus pandemic.

Media briefing

Dr. Mamba said  some families in the district are able to report to the health workers about their families who are illegally entering into the country particularly those from South Africa among other countries.

He said: “It is really encouraging to get responses from the communities after sensitization campaign. We  have received tips from family who have received their family members from outside the country, and some are coming to  to get tested as they say they do not want their families to be victims”.

According to Mamba, the district is well prepared to fight  Covid-19 as it has trained all its health workers on preventive measures and other mitigation factors.

He then asked media to do more in to spread news and messages on how to prevent Corona virus.

In his remarks Mangochi District Information Officer Kondwani Magombo commended the health department for engaging media during this period as media is the pillar in communication.

“Journalists and the media in general are pillars of the society in as far as awareness and sensitization of the public are concerned,” he said.

According to Magombo, in the case of Covid-19 there is a lot of awareness and sensitization that is required because it is a new pandemic adding that no country  in the world  prepared to face it.

He said: “Taking journalists away from the equation would result into a big information gap among members of the public and that would be catastrophic”.

In Malawi has 33 Covid-19 cases  3 deaths and 3 recoveries.

So far Mangochi District has no case and  60 suspected people have been followed up while 13 of them  are not showing any signs of corona virus.

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