Gender Ministry pledges support to Women


By-Mustaff Komanje


Ministry of Community Development and Social welfare,it will give full support to women in the country to succeed in business and developmental activities.

Speaking on Saturday during Eastern Region Amai Ticheze launch in Balaka, minister responsible Honerable Patricia Kaliati said women are the ones holding  families therefore  need to be socially and economically empowered for the betterment of their respective families.

The minister attributed that women have a very important role in developing the country and such role should begin from their households.

“Development of a nation starts with household economic empowerment, and a woman is the one in most cases managing the family at household level, so by empowering these women you will see that as time passes Malawi will be developing”, she said.

Kaliati also applauded women for formulating Amai Ticheze, saying through modeling women will improve marital lives, social-economic status and at the same time enhancing development.

She advised  women to protect girl children as cases of defilement and other sorts of abuse are on the rise in the country.

“They must protect a girl child, instead of sending them into marriages they must send them to school so that they should not face the challenges we are facing today. They shall be the ones taking care of us at old age”, Says the minister.

In her remarks Eastern Region chair person for Amai Ticheze Mercy Makwera said the forum is focusing on strengthening the bond between women and empowering them to realise their responsibility as Malawian citizens.

She said Amai Ticheze believes problems faced by women are universal so the structures of the forum are meant to accommodate every woman in the country so as to bail each other from the problems faced.

“The main agenda for Amai Ticheze is to strengthene the bond between women,  empower  women and make them realise their responsibility as citzens, coming together teaching and supporting each other on how to improve our households and family status” says Makwera.

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