Former Veep Dr. Chilumpha endorses Mutharika for presidency

Former vice president of the republic of Malawi Dr. Cassim Chilumpha has endorsed president Professor Arthur Peter Mutharika as the best leader to lead Malawi in the next five years.

Assembly for Democracy and Development (ADD) has endorsed Professor Arthur Peter Mutharika in the fresh Presidential election.

Dr. Cassim Chilumpha President of Assembly for Democracy ADD
Dr. Cassim Chilumpha President of Assembly for Democracy ADD speaking during the ceremony

Dr. Chilumpha who is also leader of Assembly for Democracy and Development  (ADD)  said this  on Friday May 1 2020 in Blantyre during a  media briefing on  what direction  the ADD party will take in the run up to fresh presidential election.

In his speech, Dr.Chilumpha revealed that Assembly for Democracy and Development supports the candidature of Professor Arthur Peter Mutharika , describing him as matured, steadfast,  and calm.

He said: Of all the three candidates who are strong contenders to the presidential  race, it is only president Mutharika who is capable and matured to lead this country for the next five years.

He said in life, one has to make a decision and time has come for Malawians to make a good decision at a time when the country is facing political tension.

He then said Malawians must make a choice to vote for Mutharika  in the coming presidential election since he has a listening heart than other leaders.

“We have made a decision to support Mutharika in this fresh election as ADD as we believe it is the right choice at the moment”, Dr.Chilumpha.

He further said this does not mean that ADD is in alliance with the DPP but that his party believes to rally behind what is right and true among presidential candidate to the polls.

ADD MembersDr. Chilumpha therefore called upon all Malawians to vote for Professor Arthur Peter Mutharika adding opposition political party leaders are arrogant and selfish and not fit to lead this country.

Commenting on Covid-19 issues, the ADD leader  called upon judiciary and opposition politicians to give room to government for it to  implement measures to fight corona virus.

Dr. Chilumpha said some political leaders  are using the courts to stop government from implementing other measures to curb the pandemic adding  that Malawians must stop  politicizing the pandemic.

The former Veep  then  criticized the current state vice president Dr. Saulos Chilima for coming up with parallel policies on how to mitigate covid-19 saying  it is bringing confusion in the fight against the pandemic.

” There is no way the state president and his vice should be talking different things in the fight against Covid-19. People will die if we are not careful with how we are handling this issue”, he emphasized.

Dr. Chilumpha then urged all Malawians and other stakeholders to support government in the implementation of measures government has set aside to fight the pandemic.

Meanwhile, political commentator, Sheriff Kaisi has commended Dr. Cassim Chilumpha’s move to endorse Mutharika as the best candidate in the coming fresh presidential election.

Kaisi who is also a political lecturer at Blantyre International University (BIU) has told  that Dr. Chilumpha is well experienced in politics as he held different positions in government including that of the vice president.

“For him to make such kind of decision he has widely and thoroughly consulted and weighed the merits and demerits of all contenders. Therefore, endorsing Mutharika and the DPP is the right choice”, he said.

The political analyst further said it is up to Malawians to make their decision saying Dr. Chilumpha’s advise has come at the right time for voters to make an informed choice.

Assembly for Democracy and Development (ADD)  was formed in 2015 and joined Tikonze Alliance in 2018 as an electoral alliance towards 2019  tripartite elections.

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