Former Veep Dr. Chilumpha advise Malawians to vote for responsible leaders

Former Vice president of the republic of Malawi  Dr.Cassim Chilumpha has called upon Malawians to vote for responsible leaders in the fresh presidential election.

Dr Chilumpha who is also president for Assembly for Democracy and Development (ADD), said this in Lilongwe on Sunday 26 April 2020 when he interacted with some ADD party leaders in the Central region.

Dr.Cassim Chilumpha (ADD President)
Dr.Cassim Chilumpha (ADD President)

In his remarks, Dr. Chilumpha  urged party members to  move with time and follow the Electoral calendar for them to participate in the electoral activities like registration and voting among other things.

He said: “Any election by any  Electoral body such as MEC is constitutional, as such the citizenry have got the constitutional right to participate either by contesting or voting”.

The former  country’s vice president also advised the party leaders present that when the time is set to mobilize the public to vote, they should do so.

He added: “People should vote for a leader with an informed choice(s) and not easily be taken by the rhetoric”.

“Don’t just look for one aspect when choosing leaders to the top most position. Do not give powers to irresponsible leader(s) who don’t live up to their words and, who are emotional in handling  issues of national importance. Doing so  is catastrophic to the beloved mother Malawi”, Dr.Chilumpha warned.

He reminded people that the Motto of Assembly for Democracy and Development (ADD) remains MALAWI WATONSE and as a party they shall always stand by that.

The ADD leader said:”In unity there is strengths. ADD shall always align with those who share similar ideology among many more”.

He further said  through such consultative approach and meetings with its leaders who are representatives of the party members at the grassroots, the party will soon make it’s stand pertaining to the forth coming fresh presidential elections.

The right honorable Dr. Cassim Chilumpha finally thanked all ADD Party members  across the country and those in diaspora for remaining loyal to the party during thick and thin times, and that together they can make Malawi a better country to live in.

Speaking earlier, ADD Party vice President Bishop Usher Andrew Kanyelele and Linthipe Regional Governor Hon. Makonola told the audience at the meeting that due to COVID-19 ban on social gatherings, they were restricted to call only a few leaders to the meeting as a way of observing the government order.

He also asked members to wash hands and observe social distance as a way  preventing the spread of corona virus.

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