Economic expert,YAS Calls on Gvt to Curb unemployment rate among Youths

Economic expert and Youth and Society (YAS) have tipped government to address unemployment rate among the youth in Malawi.

The remarks come after social media  flooded with videos and pictures of young people   scrambling for interviews for Health Surveillance Assistance (HAS) in the ministry of health conducted in many districts of the country on Tuesday 9 June 2020.

Videos a and pictures depicting young people in long queens and fighting  for  entry  during a walk in interview as sparked debate on how serious unemployment rate is in Malawi calling for authorities to take action on the same.

Reacting to the development, the polytechnic based economic lecturer Dr.  Betchani Tchereni said the incident as exposes how deep-rooted is the challenge of unemployment in Malawi especially among youths.

The economist said: “The incident vindicates what we have been saying about the problem of unemployment in Malawi”.

Young people waiting for interviews

Dr. Tchereni further called upon government to consider issues of unemployment when developing the national budget.

Meanwhile, Youth and Society executive director Charles Kajoloweka said government must create conducive environment for employment for you people.

Said the leaders should develop ways and means for all people to have equal opportunities for jobs and access to businesses.

“Government must also invest in skills developments in areas of technology and entrepreneurship for youth to development”, Kajoiloweka said.

In his remarks, a Blantyre based entrepreneur Marshal Dyton concurred with Dr. Tchereni and Kajoloweka on the need for government to support the youth with entrepreneurial skills.

Dyton, CEO of Malawi Muslim Website also urged government to easy process of accessing loans for youths and stop politicizing the same.

“Many young people have passion to enable into entrepreneurship but lacks support and capital. There is a need for authorities to consider the youths with easy access for loans to curb the unemployment challenges”, said Dyton.

He also urged youths graduating in various universities to not wait to be employed but create businesses and companies for them to employ others.

Statistics indicate youth  unemployment rate in Malawi  is  at 7.7% as of 2019.




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