Diabetes Association of Malawi (DAM) asks for more funding in fighting the disease

By: Mustarff Komanje

Diabetes Association of Malawi (DAM) said Malawi is not doing well in the fight against the disease due to lack of resources and shortage of drugs in public health facilities.

DAM secretary general John Jeremiah made the revelation on Saturday at Kankao ground in the are of Traditional Authority Chanthunya, Balaka district while commemorating the world diabetes day.

“We have seen government receiving funds from international donors on other diseases such as COVID 19, Malaria, AIDS, etc, but that has not been the case with diabetes, we don’t have enough resources to enhance the fight,” said Jeremiah.

He then  urged Malawians to take diabetes seriously as many people are dying out of ignorance.

He said people needs to be sensitised on the signs and symptoms of the disease and the importance of testing for diabetes.

In her remarks Balaka District Medical Officer Dr. Aisha Katita urged government through the ministry of health to train more nurses as a way of enhancing the fight against the disease.

She also urged people to withdraw from the perception that diabetes only, affect rich people, saying  everyone can be affected.

“A lot of people do believe that diabetes is only for rich people, but that is wrong everyone can be affected rich, poor, young, old, men or women”, she said.

Dr. Katita further said there are ways of preventing or delaying the impact of the disease. People have to go for check up whether there have symptoms or not.

This year,World Diabetes Day was commemorated under the theme “Nurse and the diabetes.

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