Chitheche Youth take clean up campaign to another level

By: Tagamchira Meeklem Chiperesa


Youth in Chitheche-Nkhatabay organised at a rural hoplspital at Chintheche.

Through Youth Empowerment Towards Development(YETOD), the youth from various areas  came together to participate in the initiative.

Speaking with, executive director for YETOD, Yotam Ngwira said as youth they have a big role in bringing change to community and the whole nation.

He added: “We are not going to stop from here but rather move forward and do other development work in the area”.

“It is a wake up call for us youth since the president and the minister launched this initiative.  We cannot leave everything for the government to do everything for us but to work hand in hand in unity and develop our country in all aspects of development,” he said.

He  called upon more youth to come and take part in this exercise.

In his remarks, Traditional Authority Malanda, Simon Selemani Nkhoma said if the youth start to do development work in the community, there is nothing that traditional leaders can do but to join hands with them.

Nkhoma said   the youth are leaders of tomorrow and if they have started doing this it is a very good development.
“When we saw that the youth have done a very good thing, we had to join them to encourage others to take part,” he said.

The youth promised to conduct another clean up exercise  at  the hospital  on 5th December 2020.

State president Dr. Chakwera  launched  the campaign on 11th November, 2020.

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