CEPA concerned with Govt over environment protection

As several quarter continue to comment on the national budget and the state of national address, Centre for Environmental Police and Advocacy has also added it’s voice on environmental issues.
In a press statement made available to media on Monday 21 September 2020, CEPA expressed concern on the SONA’s limited reference to the state of environment and natural resources in Malawi.
Signed by its executive director Herbert Mwalukomo and CEPA board chairperson Karen Price, the organisation reminded the authority and other stakeholders in the protection bof environment that environmental and natural resources issues are the bedrock of the country’s economy.
According to Mwalukomo, minister of finance allocated 3.2 percent of the budget to the departments of energy, natural resources, tourism, environment, and forestry, for wages and salary and operations.
“Though there is commitment to strict enforcement of the ban on manufacturing and use of thin plastics, we urge minister of finance to adopt a holistic approach to address problem of climate change”,Mwalukomo said.
He said:”While the endorsement of the ban of thin plastics will contribute to limited use of the plastics, our expectation was to hear more specific strategies put in place to support production and distribution of sustainable altinative package to completely eradicate plastic problem”.
CEPA is a civil society organisation that advocates for Environment and natural resources policies to be implemented for sustainable development.

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