Balaka youths urged to keep the district clean

By: Mustarff Komanje


Youths in Balaka district  has been urged to  take a leading role in keeping the district clean in order to minimize the spread and impact of diseases and other environment related threats.

Presidential advisor on youth and art Banda made the remarks during a district Clean up day launch in the district.

Banda said  youths are energetic and young  hence the need to save themselves from diseases through taking care of environment.

“Youths should take  lead in this initiative because they are still young and energetic, they are also the ones to use most of the district facilities in the future as compared to old aged, so if they don’t take care of the environment now they shall be the ones  suffering,” he said.

Banda also said there is need for more awareness campaigns for the general public to adapt to a culture of keeping the environment clean.

The launch which was held under the theme “Clean environment my right my responsibility” attracted a lot of people from the district including civil society organisations, politicians and business people.

In his remarks council chairperson for Balaka district Michael Chauluka said the council will give it’s full support to the initiative by providing bins and a specific site for waste disposal in order to control poor waste management.

Chauluka also called for people and business owners in the district to take full responsibility of making sure that the district is clean hence making conducive for business and living.

“we have a tractor which is not functional at the moment, we will fix it and make it useful, we will provide bins and identify a site where all the garbages shall be disposed, and I would also like to make an appeal to business people to take the initiative seriously,” Chauluka.

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