Asian Business Community (ACB) offers scholarships

One of ABC’s key objectives is to aid the betterment of our members and the wider population of Malawi.
Education is a key factor in this aim, for knowledge is indeed power. It is through the pursuit and
attainment of knowledge that will accelerate the development of our nation.
We share Government’s vision to develop our beloved Malawi by giving one and all equal opportunities.
To this end, we would like to bring the following University Scholarship opportunities to your attention:
– For Scholarship opportunities in Turkey Please contact +27 72 647 5555 or visit
– For Scholarship opportunities in Malaysia, visit the following
OR Contact Mr. Shen on +60 17 243 5856
– For Scholarships in Indonesia, please visit / ,
profile on
The scholarships are available to all regardless of race, nationality, tribe or religion. They present a
fabulous opportunity to attend at world class universities where you will have access to superior facilities
and resources.
You may apply directly in the links provided. Alternatively, you may submit your applications to us, and
we will forward them on your behalf.
We wish you all the best.

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