ADD strengthens party structures in central region

In a bid to strengthen the party amid political tension in Malawi, Assembly for Democracy and Development (ADD) has embarked on a journey to meet its regional structures across the country.

On 18 April 2020, some of the party’s top leadership conducted meetings with ADD regional party leaders from central region.

ADD MembersSpeaking to ADD Secretary General, Heavyrock Bonomali  said as a party they decided to hold meetings with party members to brief them the current state of affairs as regards to the political turmoil then country is experiencing and on fresh presidential elections.

The SG said: “The party will come up with its stand in the immediate future in relation to political atmosphere we are experiencing a nation”, he said

He further said this is why the party embarks to engage its party followers to consult them on the way followed.

“ADD is a very strong party and people love it not because of handouts but because of its good leadership and sound developmental agendas which is in the Party’s manifesto called The 10 point plan”,

Bonomali said: “The party members were free to express their views as regard to the future of ADD and we will respect their views since ADD is built on democratic principles and abides to it hence the need to seek views from its followers at grassroots level”.

The meeting was graced by ADD party leaders from Lilongwe, Mchinji, Dedza and  Dowa.

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